TracSure(tm) 200

Personal Tracker Watch - now with optional Sentinel

TracSure(tm) 200 is a proven security solution for personal and professional applications, available with a wrist or belt strap. It uses A-GPS for fast and accurate position data, and GSM/GPRS for communication and control. The screen is normally blank to preserve battery life; pressing either of its two buttons brings the screen to life, showing the time and system status. An SOS button is provided - when pressed, an SOS message and position data is sent to the server and/or paired handset.

It is fully configurable using SMS commands from a paired handset, and in normal use sends position and status (such as battery level) to the chosen server according to the specified interval.

The paired handset may also request current position, which is provided as a text string that, with a single-touch, displays the position on an interactive map (on a Smart Phone or equivalent). A mic allows a one-way call from the paired handset, automatically answered by the watch.

  • Wrist, belt and clip options
  • Configured By SMS message from paired handset, using extensive command set
  • Sends position and other information to the PAIREd handset and (via GPRS) to web-server
  • Stores SMS data when GPRS is unavailable for later transmission
  • Battery life for standard applicatIon: up to 57-hrs; warns of low battery
  • Oled display shows date/time and System status
  • Supplied with charging cable (micro-USB)
  • Extensive customisation services for electronics, enclosure and application
  • supplied ready for end-user, or as PCB-Assembly for partner enclosure/branding
tracsure t200
tracsure t200
tracsure t200
tracsure t200
TracSure 200
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