TRACSURE(tm) 400

Asset Tracker

TracSure 400 is a general purpose asset tracker, proven world-wide, with exceptionally long battery life. It uses an accelerometer to control the power to the GSM/GPS chipsets, which remain in deep sleep until movement is detected; in a typical automotive security application, battery life up to 55 days has been achieved. A-GPS ensures fast and accurate fixes. TracSure 400 is simple to configure and use - a paired handset sets the configuration parameters; tracking data is normally sent via GPRS to the chosen server. The paired handset may also request positional data, which is sent when the TracSure next wakes up. To maintain control and visibility of the TracSure, it would normally be set to wake every (say) 24 hours to respond to waiting SMS configuration commands and other requests, and send position to the server, paired handset or both.

Three LEDs show operation: red - GSM session in process; blue - charging; yellow - accelerometer threshold reached.

  • General purpose asset tracker
  • Configured By SMS message from paired handset, using extensive command set
  • Sends position and other information to the PAIREd handset and (via GPRS) to web-server
  • Stores SMS data when GPRS is unavailable for later transmission
  • Battery life for standard application: up to 35 days
  • Supplied with charging cable (micro-USB)
  • Extensive customisation services for electronics, enclosure and application
  • supplied ready for end-user, or as PCB-Assembly for partner enclosure/branding
tracsure t400
tracsure t400
tracsure t400
tracsure t400
TracSure 400
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