New Generation IoT Under Development

CCww is developing NB-IoT, EC-GSM-IoT, LTE-M and CAT-M protocol stacks, along

with service layers - oneM2M and OMA LWM2M - for next-generation M2M devices.

The host-based sub-systems are available for licensing with

integration/targetting and customisation services.


Please Contact us to find out more.

LTE Under Development

CCww is working on an LTE Release 12 chip platform (an integeated

Layer-1 (PHY) and Layer-2/Layer-3 protocol stack).The platform may

be licensed with integration and customisation services.


Please Contact us to find out more.


CCww has a 3G / Access Stratum that has been proven with operator

testing on major networks on its initial chipset.It is ready for

licensing on emerging and proven chipsets, in conjunction with

CCww's GSM/GPRS, or your existing cellular technology.


Please Contact us to find out more.


CCww's protocol stack technology is used in >2B handsets world-wide, powering

both licensee handsets and CCww's own handset and M2M products worldwide.

CCww provides a licence bundle that includes porting to new (including early

development stage) chipsets, technology handover and maintenance.

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