NB-IoT UE Protocol-Stack


CCww has developed a low-footprint NB-IoT Access and Non-Access Stratum, tested on host and ready for porting to target systems. Underpinning the AS/NAS is a Layer-1 Control sub-layer, with a generic set of drivers for rapid customisation to suit a client's base-band (either a DSP/PHY or pure hardware logic). CCww offers an Object Licence for the above, based on CCww providing integration/test services; or a Source Licence, whereby CCww and the Client may share the integration and test activities. The outline specification is shown below:

  • NB-IoT Rel-13 - host and TARGET tested
  • NB-IoT Rel-14 – Host-tested (miD-2019)
  • Sublayers: NAS: Bearer Control. ESM, ESMS, REG, EMM
  • Sublayers: AS: PDCP, RRC, RLC, MAC
  • Sublayers: L1: generic Control and Drivers
  • SIM/ESIM interface
  • Initial Memory: 512kB Flash, 200kB RAM
  • MIPS: between 20 to 40 MIPS, depending on hardware configuration
  • Other: SIM/ESIM drivers, jHAT diagnostic toolset
  • Optional: IPv6 protocol-stack, UDP, CoAP, LW-M2M service layer
  • Optional: Services for customisation, integration, and test (lab, live conformance)

  • Ported and Tested on Lekha Wireless PHY(*)

  • Ported and Tested on CEVA Dragonfly(*)


(*) - contact CCww for more information

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