CCww's protocol stack technology is used on >3B handsets world-wide, and - in 2020 - customised and supported world-wide.

It was designed in the late 1990s, using the latest CASE tools, and hand-coded by engineers with experience of GSM that extends back to 1988, providing a resource-lean implementation which is low on latency and high on quality.

As well as supporting 3rd party licensees, our engineers, in conjunction with our partners, have developed a range of products and reference designs, ranging from handsets to M2M devices, and they continue to develop and maintain the protocols to guarantee reliable service world-wide.



Outline specification:

  • Layers: L1C, L2 and L3
  • Optional EPGRS
  • ANSI C-Code throughout
  • GSM/GPRS Conformance tested: GCF and PTCRB
  • Ported to 7 chipsets to date
  • Comprehensive host and target development tools
  • Optional Services: Port to target and/or RTOS; customisations
  • Available on STAR-LET modem module and evaluation kit
  • Extensive range of optional AT-Commands for base-station stress-testing