CCww's engineers undertake a wide range of project activities, including development and support of its TracSure(tm) products, development and test of GSM-based M2M and handset-based products for its customers and partners, and development and integration of its GSM/GPRS protocol stack for general and special applications.

Our projects vary from initial software prototypes to prove ideas, all the way to production of conformance-tested products.


CCww has a light-touch management environment, where its engineers are responsible for planning, quality and deliverables from their project activities. An engineer is typically involved in all stages of our business, from discussion of outline requirements through to delivery and post-delivery support, typically encompassing delivery of prototype, full specification, development, unit test, field test, specification/design/manufacture/test of hardware and conformance/verification. Projects span in size from man-weeks through to man-years; some projects may be part-time for a single engineer; others may involve team-work with other engineers on a full or part-time basis.

Do You Have What It Takes?

CCww is always interested to hear from engineers with significant experience and proven success in embedded GSM/UMTS/LTE software development, and lab technicians with significant prototype product build and test experience; send your CV and tell us how you may contribute to our reputation and success: careers -at-


to request more information