Need to accelerate a project, or bring in expertise to complement your own engineering teams?

CCww's highly experienced engineers can deliver and integrate technology on your behalf, or work with your engineers to ensure their delivery. Many leading communications companies continue to benefit from our expertise on a wide range of activities including:

  • Translation Of Requirements into Functional Specification
  • Software Development / Test / System Verification
  • Real-Time Embedded Software Port / Integration
  • Software Upgrades, E.G. to Updated Standard
  • System-Level Debug (Network Or Lab-Equipment Based)
  • Assist With Conformance Testing
  • Special Projects (E.G. Government/Agency)
  • Hardware Design, Test and Production

Project Management

CCww will assign a project managers to co-ordinate CCww's activities with your project manager to ensure co-ordination of requirements, specifications, deliveries, acceptance, training, hand-over and onward support activities, providing regular progress reports and attending project meetings or calls as required.

Peace of Mind

CCww knows that outsourcing project activities is a major concern for many companies. With this in mind, CCww will always take additional steps to keep you fully appraised of our activities both internal and external. For example, we welcome visits to our lab so that your management and/or engineers can speak directly with our engineers, have a demonstration of progress and share ideas to minimise risks for the next milestones.


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